Family: Duvet
Manufacturer: Poltrona Frau >
Designer: R&D Poltrona Frau
Year: 2012
Architonic ID: 2057796
A soft and cosy refuge, where you can feel protected by large and comfortable cushions.
Duvet. A soft and inviting sofa. A protective refuge where you can stretch out and relax. The cushions, with their simple and linear shape, are arranged along the perimeter. Lower for the armrests, higher for the generous back complete with headrest. The soft polyester wadding and polyurethane foam padding are distributed in different densities for an even more comfortable seat. The lumbar support cushion is padded with goose down. In keeping with the sofa design, the diamond tufting features a wide and elegant line. The entire exposed surface of the seat is decorated with skillful artisan stitching. The upholstery is in Pelle Frau® leather from the Color System, Heritage or Soul leather. Frame in seasoned beech-wood and poplar. The springs of the seat are made with elastic belts. Nylon feet with polished black finish.

The following is needed to produce a Duvet sofa:
23 m2 of Pelle Frau® leather
25 kg of solid beech-wood
5 kg of solid poplar
80 m of stitching
400 m of thread
4 of chromium-plated eyelets
20 hours of work